Preserving Items

Many people ask what’s the best way to store or preserve their items.  Well depending on what you are storing or would like to preserve will depend on what type and/or size of a unit you would need.  Items like furniture or bedding usually do better when covered with a protective cover.  Some people buy the protective covers while others have someone shrink wrap their belongings. It all depends on how much you value your furniture or other items and what your willing to spend protecting your items.  Antique furniture, piano’s and other wood grain items do best in a climate controlled facility.  Because of Central Oregon’s extreme hot and cool climates these types of items can be damaged due to the extreme temperatures if not in non-controlled climate unit. Though there have been some that say if you polish the furniture every month to three months the polish will help preserve the wood, I’m not sure if this actually works or not but the best is to use your best judgment depending on your personal preference and value towards the items.  The other way to protect your belongings is to make sure your items are pack in cardboard or plastic boxes, putting the heaviest box on the bottom and lighter items on top.  Many times we see someone open up their unit and boxes start to tumble down because the top was heavier than what was on the bottom, collapsing inward, crushing items and damaging some of the belongings.