Storage Unit Shortages

April 15, 2015

It is not always easy this time of year to find a storage unit, especially the larger units.  People moving in town, downsizing their homes, college children coming home, seasonal workers returning to work, etc.  While most do try to secure a something in advance there are always those that wait till the last minute to make plans.  This year the season started early, so much earlier that the last two previous years.  Normally we don’t get busy until late April – early May but this year because of the warmer weather we were filling up fast around mid March.  Last year my advise to those thinking about moving sometime next year was to start looking early and put your name on a waiting list before the facilities start filling up. While tenancy will fluctuate, we still usually run pretty full.  May through August we see a few tenants come and go but more so on the units from 10 x 10 or smaller.  A few of the larger units will open but usually not until a house is bought, sold or built.  The waiting period is unpredictable on these and really hard to tell when someone will actually be moving until they finally move out.

I still give out the same advise… if you are even thinking about moving, downsizing or needing to have work done on your place.  I would suggest that you call in advance and see who will put you on a wait list for when you will need a unit.  Some will work with you depending on your needs and what they have available. You’ll just have to call to see what each facility is willing to do to help you out.


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