Beautiful Central Oregon

The other morning as we were looking out of our back window we saw two Stags wandering around munching as they ventured close to 3rd street.  As they were crossing the street into the parking lot we were able to capture a couple of photos of them grazing on the bushes while they watched the traffic drive by, then slowly meander on their way.  We’ve been having a lot of great weather and enjoying the sunny days. We have been very busy with people shuffling around between moving, incoming college students, downsizing and those who have found new homes.  The market for Storage facilities has been at the highest level in years. While we all have been busy shuffling items around we have found that working with our tenants new and old as they come and go has been a wonderful experience and we enjoyed meeting these wonderfully very nice people.  We are hoping that the rest f this season is in our favor as the weather progresses into spring.

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